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Sanborn's Fine Candies "Create Your Own" Chocolate Selections

To order a Customized Assortment simply check the size assortment you desire and check your selections.

1 LB $20.00 1 1/2 lb. $30.00 2 lb. $40.00 3 lb. $60.00 5 lb. $100.00

Price noted is per lb.
A selection of nuts spread throughout a layer of  milk, dark or white chocolate.
Almond Milk DarkWhite
Cashew Milk Dark
Pecan Milk Dark
Plain Milk DarkWhite
Swiss Fudge Milk
Walnut Milk Dark
Ting-A-Ling Milk White
Creamy milk chocolate and luscious semi-sweet dark chocolate pieces.
Almond Butterscotch Milk Dark
Butterscotch Milk Dark
Caramellows Milk Dark
Caramels Milk Dark
Honeycomb Chips Milk Dark
Nougatines Milk Dark
Peanut Butter Chips Milk Dark
Peanut Chews Milk Dark
Creamy milk chocolate and luscious semi-sweet dark chocolate pieces covering a variety of delectable fillings.
Banana Cream Milk Dark
Blueberry Cream Milk Dark
Butter Cream Milk Dark
Cherry Cream Milk Dark
Marshmallows Milk Dark
Coconut Cream Milk Dark
Coffee Cream Milk Dark
Lemon Cream Milk Dark
Lime Cream Milk Dark
Lemon/Lime Cream Milk Dark
Maple Walnut Cream Milk Dark
Orange Cream Milk Dark
Peppermint Cream Milk Dark
Pineapple Cream Milk Dark
Pistachio Cream Milk Dark
Strawberry Cream Milk Dark
Raspberry Cream Milk Dark
Vanilla Cream Milk Dark
Wintergreen Cream Milk Dark
Wintergreen Patties Milk Dark
Peppermint Patties Milk Dark
Lemon Jelly Center Milk Dark
Lime Jelly Center Milk Dark
Orange Jelly Center Milk Dark
Raspberry Jelly Center Milk Dark
Strawberry Jelly Center Milk Dark
Orange/Pineapple Cream Milk Dark
An array of nuts covered with milk or dark chocolate.
Almond Milk Dark
Pecan Milk Dark
Peanut Milk Dark
Cashew Milk Dark
Coconut Milk Dark
Raisin Milk Dark
Walnut Milk Dark
Blueberry Milk Dark
A delightful selection of nuts and Sanborn's famous caramel, covered in creamy smooth milk or dark chocolate.
Cashew Milk Dark
Pecan Milk Dark
Walnut Milk Dark
Milk & Dark Chocolate
Apricots Milk Dark
Ginger Milk Dark

Please remember to order only one box at a time and return to shopping if you'd like to select another. You may change the quantities of the boxes you would like in the shopping cart.

Sanborn's Fine Candies, 143 Plaistow Road, Plaistow, NH 03865, 800-501-2814 or 603-382-5547
Prices subject to change without notice.